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Wheel Jockey


Dexter, San Pedro, CA
Bill, received the Wheel Jockey order all AOK! Great service and clever well executed product…to say it works well is understatement! Thanx!

Works perfect for the front wheel of my Goldwing. Absolutely the BEST and EASIEST way to clean the wheel!
Thank you again. It was worth the wait.

Josh Conlan, Austrailia
Mate I am absolutely stoked with the wheel jockey. It works an absolute treat. The rims on my zx14 have never been so polished. I will certainly recommend it to my mates. Not sure what went wrong with the delivery. The only thing I can think of is that you used shipping/email details from Paypal, which I set up years ago when I lived at a different address. Not sure but anyway good job tracking me down. I appreciate it. Your product is a ripper.

Larry Sachs

My wife is always looking for the perfect gift, as she puts it "for the man who has everything" and she found it!

I ride a 2009 Victory Vision with no center stand. It is always a pain to check the air in the tires (which I do before every ride) and keep the wheels looking clean. I am happy to say that the Wheel Jockey changed all that as I simply roll my bike onto and can turn my wheels with ease to remove the chore out of cleaning and checking my air! I just wish you hadn't waited so long to come up with the larger model to support large touring bikes but it was worth the wait. Thank you so much for building such a fine product that makes my life easier!!

Dave Wagner

Hey Bill, I cannot tell you how much the Wheel Jockey has impressed me. It made cleaning the front wheel of my Wing so much less of pain in so many ways. The more I use it the more I love it. Thanks again, like I said before, it was well worth the wait.

John Sokolowsky

Bill, I finally had an opportunity to use the Heavy Duty Wheel Jockey this past weekend to lube the bike chain. Sure does beat spray-then-push, spray-then-push. I have a 2003 Kawasaki ZZR1200 that weighs a little more than 600 lbs and turning the rear wheel on the wheel jockey was no effort. At 65, I no longer have the strength to pull the bike up on the center stand; even the husky guys at the shop have a hard time doing it. Your invention is certainly a very welcome tool. Thanks so much and good fortune to you.

Oryan Dallal

Hey Bill, I ride a ZX-636. I don't need a friend to hold my bike on the side-jack for lubricating the chain anymore... :)) Great stuff you got there.

Ernesto Vasquez
Got the Wheel Jockey yesterday. I knew it was going to be small but hadn't realized how small. It certainly makes cleaning the rear tire easier, it still isn't any fun but at least now it is easier.

Steve Lundahl

So, wow thanks for the incredibly quick delivery. My motorcycle magazine subscriptions take weeks to get through and your product showed up promptly. Found it on the front step when I got home tonight, moved the wife's car out of the way and gave it a try. Got it on the Wheel Jockey first time, cleaned the rear wheel to try it out-- having lubed the chain three days ago. I think this is going to work out just fine. Thanks again.

Lyle Gunderson

Thanks for advertising on Facebook and reminding me about your product. I saw your ad in CycleWorld (I've been a subscriber for a long time) but now I've seen your ad while I'm sitting at my computer, and will email a friend about the Wheel Jockey. I have center stands on all my bikes, but my friend has a bike without one, so I might be doing him a huge favor. Your product will make it so much easier to lube his chain, he'll save it's cost in no time! Chains are expensive.

I may purchase one myself, to use on front wheels, and because your product is so cool...

Eric Edwin

I was looking for innovative tools to assist with chain lubrication and general tire maintenance for my sport bike and came across the Wheel Jockey. I was seriously interested, but as a touring bike owner as well, I desired a solution for both bikes. At that time, Bill had not yet finalized the design of a Wheel Jockey to support the heavier touring bikes. After some discussion with Bill, and a few months of wait time, finally it was here -- the Big Joc!

I immediately purchased one and put it through the grinder. Having no previous experience with the standard Wheel Jockey, I had nothing to compare to. In my first use (showing it off to some biker friends) I was surprised as to how easy it was to get my 950 lb. Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic up onto the rollers and to then spin the rear wheel. In testing the Big Joc out, I found a staple in my rear tire! Not only is this tool good for chain / belt maintenance and cleaning the wheels, but it aids me in checking tire pressure without rolling the bike back and forth and doing routine tire checks.

I am also stoked in that I can actually completely wash the rear wheel for once without having a tremendous amount of on and off the bike to rotate the rear wheel. The sealed bearings make it worry-free in washing the wheel / tire. Lack of easy access to the rear wheel has always made detailing the bike a pain, but that problem has been resolved with the Wheel Jockey.

I do not endorse products based on the hype I read, I always look to see if the product is worthy before talking it up. After I used this product twice, I took it and showed it off at a bike rally, some local motorcycle shops, and at some meetings of a few local motorcycle groups. After showing them just how easy it was to use and the benefits of the device, I had people begging to use mine!

This is one tool that I am totally sold on. I use it often and it even travels with me on longer rides, just in case. In my opinion, this is one tool that every biker needs in their tool box.

Neale Bayly, International Motorcycle Journalist

Enter Wheel Jockey. As the owner of a motorcycle without a center stand, and with three test bikes currently on loan that don't have one either, chain lube time is always a challenge. Squirting a section before rolling the bike forward or back works, but to be quite honest it's a bit of pain. Now, with my Wheel Jockey in my seat tray, yes it's that small, I can pop it out anytime I like, roll my bike onto it, and lube away. It's also highly convenient when you want
to clean the rear wheel. No need to have a race stand, no asking friends to tip the bike over, just a simple efficient one man job.

Wheel Jockey comes from the mind of a lifetime motorcyclist and that's why it's so simple and effective. I just wish I'd thought of it.

Karsten Saller, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Today has been the easiest chain lube session since I drive a bike without a center stand, just a perfect start for a new year. If you're like me, always a skeptic when coming across some advice of the seller or manufacturer of an item supposed to make your life easier, then you'll appreciate the advice coming from me—a customer and biker like you. My honest
opinion? The Wheel Jockey is a MUST for any chain driven street bike owner out there, be it a chopper, a custom, a naked or a sports bike. Even if it's not chain driven, it will help you clean the rims. Try it once and you'll never do without one again!

Allan Vallis, British Columbia, Canada
I've got to take my hat off to you. I immediately tried out the Wheel Jockey and it works
exactly as advertised.

Don Martin, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

You saw the pictures of my Hayabusa and the trailer that I pull when my wife and I travel. Well just try and picture what I have been doing every summer when traveling and we get to a motel at night and I start to lube my chain. With the trailer hooked up to the Hayabusa
and me trying to push the bike a foot and then spray lube and then push another foot and
spray lube, I am 20 minutes and half way around the motel parking lot. Now with the Wheel
Jockey I am going to be 2 minutes and already parked in my spot. This product is absolutely
one of the greatest accessories for a motorcyclist that owns a bike without a center stand.

AAAAAA to the Wheel Jockey.

Dan Twigg, Wellington, New Zealand

I used it this morning after a great ride; worked a treat. I am very pleased. Now I want a second one to keep at my holiday house! I will be recommending to others.